Effective date: January 22th, 2021

This page informs you of our policies when you use the mobile app PhoWi with the operating system iOS from Apple.

Responsible about privacy policy

The accountable person for the privacy policy of this app is:

Daniel Fredrich
Greta-Garbo-Str. 10
13189 Berlin

Phone: +49 173 9921785
E-Mail: phowi@danielfredrich.de

Information about collection and use data

This app collect no data by using the app. All calculation will be done locally on the device and because of this no internet connection is needed to use this app.

App Analytics & Privacy

Apple provide an App-Analyse function for developer. The data will be provided anonymousby Apple for the developer. This function is independent of the app and can be switched of here: Settings Privacy Analytics Share With App Developers.

Store user setting

User settings will be saved by default local on the device. The following data will be stored when the user saves or edits an album: album name, selected images, selected interval. By deleting the app the user settings will be deleted too.