DPDiary NX you can create, edit, read, print as many entries per day or overall as you like. Of course you can delete entries as well. All entries are saved encrypted for your privacy. If you wish you can check the spelling of your entries (needed libraries can be managed & downloaded from within the software for free) and also let the software read out your entries (requires Text-To-Speech compatible languages, freeware libraries are available in the internet). Additionally you can insert smileys and other graphics directly into the text. Texts can be formatted with a various of options so that you can style them as you wish.

Note: DPDiary NX is no longer in development. If you bought the license key you may continue to use it without support. Especially if you upgrade to Windows version not officially supported.

If you want to download the latest version click here. The software still needs to be activated using a license key.