CTDP ChampionShipManager NX

© 2010 CTDP - Version 2.3 - Date: 01st June 2010



This is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor. You can set your own tracks, cars for the championship-mode. You can add a varius number of random tracks to the season (so far you have them installed). New Seasons will be saved with out having Missmatches if you play online.

So have Fun!


Title: CTDP ChampionShipManager NX
Author: CTDP - Cars & Tracks Development Project
Other Works:
  • F1 2005 for F1C
  • F1 2004 for F1C
  • F1 2003 for F1C
  • F1 1998 for F1C
  • F1 1995 for F12K2 & F1C
  • F1 1995 for GP4
  • Other Stuff


Everything done from  scratch
Known Bugs:
  • We don't know one, if you find one please report it to us using our contact-form.
Build Time: constant developing for months

Release History

Version 2.3:

Version 2.2:

Version 2.1:

Version 2.0:


It's not allowed to copy anything from this tool or use as a base for tools, without an explicit permission from CTDP.

Use this file under your own risk! We are NOT responsible in case of problems.

You do not have permission to put this tool on any CD-ROM/DVD or similar things that is to
be retailed without our explicit permission.

If you are the webmaster of a rF related site, please ask for our agreement to publish it on your site. We just want to keep the overview.

Installation & First start

You can install the tool in a directory of your choice. It doesn't matter if it is installed into the rFactor-directory or not. After installing and launching the the first time you will have to set the language you want to use and you have to enter your rFactor-Directory.